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FAQs ~ be informed.....

Do your soaps contain Lye?

The short answer is NO

Lye is used when we are making our soaps. Proper soap cannot be made without using it as this is what makes the oils turn into soap. After saponification all the lye has been “used up” and none remain in our bars.

Im ordering this as a gift. Can i put a message in ?.

Yes off course you can.  Just put your message in the appropriate box at checkout. This also lets us know not to put in anything showing purchase prices. We handwrite a wee giftcard ourselves with your message.

Is my personal info safe.

Yes its safe. We do not store any bank details ourselves. Your bank details only go as far as paypal and not to us.

We do use youe email address and mobile number to process your order and these also let our chosen delivery partner update you about your delivery.

We can delete these after you have received your order if you so wish ~ just let us know.

Do your soaps contain parabens or SLS ?

No. Our products are free from artificial synthetic surfactants. (Thats the stuff that makes foam and ruins the planet at the same time)

Can i eat your soap if its made from olive oil ?

NO  NO  NO…its soap

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