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Our Natural Clay Soap and Ramie Soap bag Set contains 3 natural Clay Soaps (min 100g each) and 1 natural Unbleached Ramie Soap bag. These are unscented soaps where the ingredients are the stars.

Blue Clay, Poppyseed & Shea Butter Soap

100% natural soap blending together Shea Butter, Bentonite Blue Clay and Blue Poppyseeds.  Bentonite Clay (strictly speaking its actually volcanic ash) is very absorbent and a good choice for oily skin. Poppyseeds add a nice natural gentle exfoliating property and the Shea Butter ~ well, click here to see why we love it!

Dead Sea Mud & Hemp Seed Oil Soap

This  Wonderful Handmade Dead Sea Soap bar includes natural Dead Sea Mud, Charcoal and Hemp Seed Oil creating a fabulous detox bar.  A unique product that removes dead skin cells and impurities.

French Green Clay, Organic Cucumber Juice & Pure Aloe Vera.

This natural clay soap is made with fresh cucumbers and aloe vera . Naturally astringent properties will leave your skin feeling cleansed and revitalised.

Each of your gorgeous Bramble & Boo natural clay soaps weigh a minimum of 100g

Your Ramie Soap bag is a totally plant based product making it 100% compostable & environmentally friendly and suitable for vegans.

Ramie is an eco friendly fabric and the highly sustainable fiber is an alternative to synthetic fabrics. It is naturally resistant to mold, mildew and bacteria, as well as light damage and rot and insect attacks. It can be healthily grown without any pesticides, herbicides and chemicals.

Ramie is made from the stalks of flowers and plants and is a chic vegan silk alternative and is lighter and airier

What are the benefits of clay soap?

Clay soaps provide a sort of detox for our skin. The alumina in clay penetrates deep into the pores and absorbs  dirt, toxic substances and sebum deposits . Not like  many other  cleansing products, clay does not deprive the skin of any moisture and cleans very gently.

Natural Clay & Ramie Set ~ Perfect as a treat for yourself or why not send as a gift.

Natural Clay Soap & Ramie Set

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