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Turmeric Soap with lime and coconut milk.

Everyone loves a little “TLC”.
On A Rope version of our ever popular soap. The best way to keep your soap dry by far.

The warm spice of the turmeric blends wonderfully with the lime citrus scent and the creamy qualities of the coconut milk.

Treat yourself to a little TLC….you deserve it…

Our soap on a ropes are approx 130gms and come wrapped in recyclable cellophane within a durable cardboard postal box so that they arrive in the same shape that they left us!!… ALL packaging materials are sourced from recycled materials or are in fact recyclable themselves. Best of all..Our soaps are cruelty free. We do our utmost to ensure that our raw soaping materials come from suppliers who do not test on animals (min 110g)

Turmeric, Lime & Coconut Milk ~ Soap On A Rope

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